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  • Compact & Lightweight
  • Durable & Rugged
  • Safe & Reliable
  • Wireless Remote Pairing
  • Fully Sealed Enclosures (IP-66)
  • 32 User Programmable Channels
  • User Programmable Keypads
  • Over Sixteen Million ID Codes (24 Bit)
  • For Use On Non Safety Related Circuits (e.g. Winches/Doors)

FLEX Mini General Features

Advanced Controls

The Flex Mini system utilizes advanced microprocessor controls with 32 bit CRC and Hamming Code, providing ultra fast, safe, precise and error-free encoding and decoding.

Over Sixteen Million Unique ID Codes

Each Flex Mini system has its own unique identification code, never repeats.

32 User Programmable Channels

Advanced synthesized RF controls with 32 built-in channels set via push buttons.

Wireless Remote Pairing Function

System information can be transferred wirelessly between two transmitters or between a transmitter and a receiver without the hassle of resetting the spares.

Reliable Push buttons

The transmitter push buttons are ultra durable and reliable for more than 5 million press cycles.

Durable & Rugged Enclosures

All enclosures are made from industrial-strength nylon and fibreglass composite material, not ABS plastic. All housings meet the IP-66/NEMA-4 requirements and are highly resistant to dirt, liquid, acid, alkali, grease and oil penetration.

Compact and Lightweight

The ergonomically designed transmitter and receiver enclosures are extremely compact and lightweight for easy operation and installation.

Unique Mounting Bracket

The receiver mounting brackets are uniquely designed for easy mounting and dismounting.

Low Power Consumption

The transmitter requires only two “AA” Alkaline batteries with more than 100 hours of operation.

General Specifications

Frequency Range:

433MHz, 458MHz, 471MHz, 850MHz...


Digital frequency modulation based on Manchester Code, 24bit address, 32bit CRC Parity Check and Hamming Code

Encoding / Decoding Reference:

Advanced microprocessor controlled

Approximate Operating Range:

>50 Meters / 164 Feet

Frequency Control:

Synthesized PLL

Responding Time:


Receiver Sensitivity:


Transmitter Voltage:


Output Contact Rating:

250VAC @ 8A

Receiver Voltages:

24VAC @ 50/60Hz
42VAC @ 50/60Hz
48VAC @ 50/60Hz
110~120VAC @ 50/60Hz
220~240VAC @ 50/60Hz
380~400VAC @ 50/60Hz
410~460VAC @ 50/60Hz

Enclosure Rating:

IP-66 / NEMA-4

Operating Temperature:

-25°C ~ 75°C / -13°F ~ 167°F

Transmitter Dimension:

120mm (L) x 54mm (W) x 28mm (H)

Receiver Dimension:

170mm (L) x 106mm (W) x 69mm (H)

Transmitter Weights:

160g / 5.6oz (include batteries)

Receiver Weights:

1.0Kg / 2.2lb (include output cable)

Abundant Programmable Functions

All functions and settings are easily set via push buttons, dip switches, jumpers and external programmer unit. Custom functions can also be added upon request.

Labels and Accessories

Flex Mini system is standard-equipped with various types of keypad arrangements, push button labels, wrist strap and belt clip. Special magnet mount is optional.

Pre-wired Output Cable

A pre-wired cable is standard equipment on all Flex Mini systems.

Worldwide Approvals

The Flex Mini systems are fully tested and certified in accordance with the FCC Part-15 Rules and EU Safety Standards.

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